Sep 26, 2012

100 Floors Hint Level 48-49

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Many flowers cover door 100 floors in game level 48, so as to pass on the 100 floor door blocked by vines flower, so if you want to beat level 48 you have to clean the flowers in front of the door.

100 Floors Hint Level 48

2100 Floors Hint Level 48

Steps you should do to clean flowers at the door 100 floors level 48 is to cut the flower stalk with a knife. Take a knife in your inventory menu, and then cut the flowers and you will see three colored buttons on the door.

Then to beat 100 floors level 48 you count the flowers on the side of the doors, the number and color of flowers adapted to 3 colors on the door knob. Select the number of colors that most flowers for pressing the door will be open.

100 Floors Hint Level 49

100 Floors Hint Level 49

Then you continue to beat the 100 floor level 49 you simply enter the word "PASSWORD" on the door. Press the letters are connected and then the door will be opened
Now continue to the 100 floors level 50-51, or back to the 100 floors level 47

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