Sep 28, 2012

Beat Level 74 on 100 Floors

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How do you beat level 74 in the game 100 floors? whether the same answer in a way that I explain below, or you have another solution to beat floor 74. If you have a different answer but the same goal beat level 74 on 100 floors, please add a comment at the pool.

Beat Level 74 on 100 Floors

100 Floors Level 74 Beat

Well I will explain to beat level 74. You will see a hexagon on the door and you need to do is to tap on them to make-each triangle of six has an unique color.

Seperate it into 2 lines so there will be three triangles on both above and below, the color is like
Above: from left to right: Green, Yellow, Blue
Below: from left to right: Pink, Red, Blue Sky
In the picture above the floors 74, I changed all the colors of the pieces of the triangle where you can easily beat 100 floors level 74.
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