Oct 27, 2012

100 Escapers level 1 Walkthrough

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Walkthrough 100 Escapers level 1 with a solution to address all of the puzzle, I will explain and help to get out of the room and proceed to the next level.

100 Escapers level 1 Explanation

100 Escapers level 1 Walkthrough

Please follow explanations 100 escapers level 1:
Take a knife in the chest, went to the aquarium floor and grab the larger drill.
Take timber, bench, and underwear.
Take the rope in underwear with a knife, then cut the wood with a knife.
Keep the bench in front of the cabinet, then grab pliers and screwdriver on top of cabinets.
Take a drill in a dresser drawer and attach drill bits and wood holes, and combine wood that has been perforated with a rope.

100 Escapers level 1 Walkthrough

100 Escapers level 1 Guide

Return to the aquarium and take the wire using the pliers to make a hook.
Go to the kitchen, zoom drainage area, then take a propeller using pliers.
Combine wood, rope, screwdriver, and propeller, then plug in the aquarium and press the red button at the bottom, the doors will open at level 1.
Now continue to the 100 Escapers level 2 Walkthrough.

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