Oct 13, 2012

100 Floors Explanation 92-93-94

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100 Floors Level 92 Explanation

100 Floors Explanation 92

Explanation floor 92:
You press the arrow left down 3 times and the other 2 times, or change the arrows so they point like this:
Top left = Up (north
Top right = Right (east
Bottom left = Up (north}
Bottom right = Down (south

100 Floors Level 93 Explanation

100 Floors Explanation 93

Explanation floor 93:
You can see a timer clock at the top of the doors 93. Hold down the left red button for exactly 9 seconds, then let go, the door with the "9" should be lit up if done correctly. Then hold down the right red button for exactly 3 seconds, then let go, the door will open if done correctly.

100 Floors Explanation Level 94

100 Floors Level 94 Explanation

Explanation floor 94:
You just press any spotlights each 2 times to form a "XI" and the door will open.
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