Oct 17, 2012

100 Floors Explanation Level 66-67

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Explanation of the floor 66 for you! Touch wood sticks on the floor left to pick it up, then take the left door hook with a wooden stick.
Attach hook to the ring at the door, and slide down to open the door to floor 67.

100 Floors Explanation Level 66

100 Floors Level 66 Explanation

100 Floors Explanation Level 67

100 Floors Level 67 Explanation

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Slide the pot from left to right so that sunlight, and tap 2 times white sunflower on the right of the door, white sunflower will fall into the pot. Then slide the pot to the left so that splashed water faucet and flowers will change color so yellow, then slide the pot again to the light and the door will be open level 67.
Now continue to the 100 floors level 68-69 explanation, or back to the 100 floors level 64-65 explanation

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