Oct 22, 2012

100 Floors Explanation Level 83-84

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Attaching the pieces like a triangle that is on the floor and at the level 83. Here's the explanation:
Drag the gray and apply on the top left corner.
Drag the yellow color and apply on down.
Drag the orange color and apply on right.
Drag the pink-and-paste right in the middle.
Drag the purple color and paste it on top of the pink warn.
Drag the blue color and paste it on the right.
And the last drag white and apply on the bottom right, the door will be opened.

100 Floors Explanation Level 83

100 Floors Level 83 Explanation

100 Floors Explanation Level 84

100 Floors Level 84 Explanation

Tap the 3 button on the floor level 84, so the explanation:
First touch 3 buttons simultaneously, then tap the red button, and then touch the blue 2 buttons simultaneously. Then you touch the back of the last 3 buttons simultaneously using three fingers.
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