Oct 23, 2012

100 Floors Level 86-87 Explanation

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Rotate clockwise with your fingers, according to the instructions numbers lined up on the door 86.
Here's the explanation:
Touch the number 11 then rotate counter-clockwise direction towards 11 o'clock.
Touch number 5 and rotate clockwise toward 4 o'clock.
Touch number 1 and turn clockwise toward 1 o'clock.
Touch the number 8 and turn counter-clockwise direction towards 8 o'clock.
Touch the number 12 then rotate clockwise toward 12 o'clock
and the door will open.

100 Floors Explanation Level 86

100 Floors Level 86 Explanation

100 Floors Explanation Level 87

100 Floors Level 87 Explanation

Sleeping bear blocking the floor 87, to wake up shake your phone and touch the bear to move to the left.
Wait a while until the bear to sleep again, after falling asleep again, press the green button to open the door.
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1 komentar:

Sue Vaughey said...

I cant open level 86. What am I doing wrong. I have skipped 2 rooms only thru whole game??