Oct 24, 2012

100 Floors Explanation Level 89-90

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Hint level 89 using the names of fruits, look around there are 5 fruits are: Coconut, Banana, Pineapple, Apple, and Pear.
So the explanation is this:
Count each letter of fruits
Coconut = seven letters
Banana = six letters
Pineapple = nine letters
Apple = five letters
Pear = four letters

100 Floors Explanation Level 89 Guide

100 Floors Level 89 Explanation

Take the first letters front of the number, and then you press the letters that is in the door in accordance with the prefix of the numbers of fruits.
So the letters is generated and you must press are: Se, Si, Ni, Fi, Fo, and the door will be opened the floor 89.

100 Floors Explanation Level 90

100 Floors Level 90 Explanation

Now the explanation rate 90
Touching 3 yellow buttons one by one, in the picture above each key had me give you a number, each time you press the button, the lights will light up at the door.
Press the 1 = 4 times
Press the 2 = 3 times
Press the 3 = 2 times
and to open the door of the floor 90, press the big circle of light from the other in the right corner of the door to light up.
Now continue to the 100 floors level 91 explanation, or back to the 100 floors level 88 explanation

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