Oct 5, 2012

100 Floors Hint Level 98-99

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Guide beat floors 98 to you is to count the number of digital calculator, press the brush in your inventory menu and clean the dirt in the bottom corner of the wall to the left to see the text or code and will show the number 51 782, then enter that number into the calculator box and press enter, the doors will open and you managed to beat level 98.

100 Floors Hint Level 98

100 Floors Level 98 Hint

100 Floors Hint Level 99

100 Floorst Level 99 Hint

After passing the floors 98 now you will defeat level 99.
You need to calculate all equal to 15, you can use your Volume + and - beside your phone. Put in +, x, =, x, - into the blank spots by pressing your + volume button, the red X button, button = red, red X button, and finally the - volume button, press your + / - volume buttons on the side of your phone / device to add the + and -, with the opening of the door, you have managed to beat floors 99
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