Oct 20, 2012

100 Gates Solution Level 16

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Level 16 might be the most difficult in the game 100 gates, but now I'll share a solution to beat the game every level are difficult to resolve. If you have an answer that is easier and simple do not hesitate to express in the comments field.

100 Gates Solution Level 16

100 Gates Level 16 Solution

The first step you should do to beat level 16 is a tilt your phone to move the bow that is in the door and when you are in the right position, touch the statue of Cupid is shown on the side of the door.

Here is the explanation you need to do in the game 100 gates level 16, step by step:

Tilt the phone to the left until the bow points at the upper left corner, touch the bottom left Cupid drawing.
Continue rotating the phone until the bow points at the bottom left corner, touch the upper left Cupid now.

Restore the phone’s position and make the bow point directly upwards, touch the top right Cupid.
Then turn the phone so that the bow points at the bottom and touch the bottom right Cupid, and touch the door level 16 to open it now.

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