Oct 6, 2012

100 Rooms Cheats Level 6 Solutions

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In Room 6 you go to the pipe area, zoom in on the bucket and tap to take the bucket, now zoom into the pipes on the right side, Select the water bucket from your inventory and pour it into the glass cylinder to make the key float to the top, then grab the key.

100 Rooms Cheats Level 6 Solutions

100 Rooms Cheats Level 6 Solutions

100 rooms cheats level 6
Go to the front door and zoom in on the wooden planks in the left corner, tap to take the wooden plank with numbers on it.
Go to the bookshelf and zoom in, take the slanted ivory book in the middle shelf.

100 Rooms Cheats Level 6 Explanation

100 Rooms Cheats Level 6

Let's continue the explanation 100 rooms level 5
Zoom out and in on the dresser with the symbol lock, now zoom into the top of the drawer with the symbol lock on it, press the top right symbol 1st, the top left symbol 2nd, the top right symbol 3rd, The bottom left symbol 4th, and finally the bottom right symbol.

Take the teddy bear inside the dresser and go to the couch area. Zoom in on the painting above the couch and place the teddy bear on the couch in the painting and take the key and use it to open the front door, you pass level 6.
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