Oct 1, 2012

How to Play Game Crafty Creatures

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If you like puzzles and challenging game, Crafty Creatures you can not miss. You will be surprised by the elegant and creative designs. Music is also very moving and unforgettable. Do you want to try.

How to Play Game Crafty Creatures

How to Play Game Crafty Creatures

Crafty Creatures has 50 levels to play. You can enjoy a nice feature crafty creature. Each has its own unique artistic style is unlike anything else on the App Store.

Crafty Creatures game is one of the most beautiful and interesting designed by Chillingo Ltd. The company often offers a wonderful game application for users and never let users down.

Crafty Creatures is a unique puzzle game. In this game, you can design and share your crafty creations in a unique puzzle game.

Make your own Crafty Creatures and then share them with the world level. Playing through the levels that come ready made, being joined together using the power of your reactions and puzzle solving!

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