Nov 28, 2012

100 Chambers Explanation Level 24 25 26

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100 Chambers Explanation Level 24 25

100 Chambers Level 24 25 Explanation

The explanation for the answer to level 24 100 chambers
Touch the three circles correspond to the number of colors the items that are on the wall. To tap the orange circle 4 times, 4 times a touch of blue and brown circles touch 5 times, so that the door the iron bars will shift upward.

Level 25, turn your phone up to the top so below, and return it to its original container to fall and break. Tilt the phone to the left in order to move the ball and play the ball up the phone, and turn again to drop the ball and then tilt to the right until the ball shifts to the right, and touch the left.

Turn the phone so that the ball up to the top and then turn again to the beginning to drop the ball and the door will open.

100 Chambers Explanation Level 26

100 Chambers Level 26 Explanation

!00 Chambers level 26 explanation
Note the red door moves to the right, when it appeared the door faster you tap the blue and red door will move to the left and when the blue door appears again, you quickly tap and push the door to open.
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