Nov 26, 2012

100 Chambers Explanation Level 27 28 29

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100 Chambers Explanation Level 27

100 Chambers Level 27 Explanation

The explanation for the answer level 27 on the game 100 chambers
Unloading bricks right up using a crowbar, then touch and save it to your inventory menu a red gem.
Take the red gem from the menu and save your inventory in the middle of the door with the hole.

Touch and slide the two pots that look buttons, then press da hold 2 buttons together a few seconds until the doors open.

100 Chambers Explanation Level 28 29

100 Chambers Level 28 29 Explanation

Hint on level 28 at the door by using Morse code, so tap the letters "SOS" on the side of the door to open.

Explanation of 100 chambers game level 29
Reverse your phone to an astronaut on the screen disappears, then touch a screwdriver in your inventory menu and use it to press the circle button right and left.
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