Nov 25, 2012

100 Chambers Solutions Level 30 31 32

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100 Chambers Solutions  Level 30 31

100 Chambers  Level 30 31 Solutions

Solution for the 100 chamber level 30
Avoid planetary objects of the plane that you control by touch and hold the box to the right of the plane up and down so it is not exposed to planetary objects, if the objects appear larger planets (space station) blue, paste the aircraft until carried away.

31. Touch the yellow button at the bottom left, then touch the second button from the bottom and the right-most button on the right, and when the door is open press and input crowbar.

100 Chambers Solutions  Level 32

100 Chambers  Level 32 Solution

Tilt your phone to move the stone to the left and disappeared. then grab the crossbow and save it, then use the touchscreen crossbow to shoot its head left and right of the door. Remember. shot right at the mouth open.
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