Nov 3, 2012

100 Escaper Explanation Level 5

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Explanation escaper level 5: Take a hammering on the door and the wires in the wall, then go to the left by clicking the arrow to the left and grab the drill on the table.
Click the left arrow key again to take the scissors and paper on the wall, left-click again and take a small piece of wood.

100 Escapers Explanation Level 5

100 Escapers Level 5 Explanation

Subsequent explanations combine paper with scissors, then combine wood with paper circles. Punch a hole in the wood and paper using a drill.
Zoom into the same silver pipe as before and put the wooden circle onto the pipe.

To the broken wall, hit the wall with a hammer until crushed, and input cables to fix the break, went to the door and press start to open.
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