Nov 19, 2012

100 Escapers Explanation Level 24

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100 EscapersLevel 24 Explanation

100 Escapers Level 24 Explanation

Take the wooden beams and stone at the left desk drawer, open the drawer and the right to take the rhino. Go to another room and then open the compartment in the stove and pick up the pan, add the rhino to the pan and put it in the oven fire to melt it.

Go to the machine and grab a piece of paper, and then combine it with a block of stone and input back into the machine to make molds. Put the liquid in the pan into a mold to make the end of the screwdriver and then combine with wooden beams.

Please the bottom of the engine and open the panel using a screwdriver, tap the phone and take the chip by using a screwdriver.

Go to the door early and hit the box to the left of the door and save your chips to the white on the bottom left.
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