Nov 30, 2012

100 Gates Answers Level 34 35 36

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100 Gates Answers Level 34

100 Gates Level 34 Answers

Answers to 100 gates level 34
Touch and drag all the gear circle one by one into the box, to begin shifting gears up to you, the point is there should not be lined up the same gear.
When finished touch the middle of the box and tap the green arrow to exit.

100 Gates Answers Level 35 36

100 Gates Level  35 36 Answers

At level 35, the first shake your phone and tap the top of the skull and the skull 8 times 9 times the lower left and right skull three times, and tap on the skull teeth to open the door.

Each key has a different number, for directions see the key and the numbers lined up on the door. So to answer on level 36, press and drag the key under the door to the box corresponding to the sum of the following:
Key first line: 56-36 = 20
The key to the second line: 89-83 = 6
The key to the third line: 15 +28 = 43
The key to the fourth line: 27 +48 = 75
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