Nov 25, 2012

100 Gates Level 31 32 33

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100 Gates Level 31 32 Solution

100 Gates Level 31 32 Solutions

Solution to 100 gates level 31
Changing of each number 0 inside the circle. Touch first loop 4 times, second three times, third six times, and the fourth circle 9 times, wait a few moments the door will open.

Explanation level 32
Sliding each box painting sideways, up and down until the painting would look perfect, when you're done painting will move and voiced and tap the center of the painting to open the door.

100 Gates Level 33 Explanation

100 Gates Level 33 Solutions

Answers for level 33 in 100 gates
Fix the world map image located in the circle by tapping the circle / small button on the bottom left, each colored button on the touch, the circle will rotate according to the color of the buttons on the touch.
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