Nov 5, 2012

100 Escapers level 7 Walkthrough

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On the left side of the room escaper level 7 was a wooden box, open the box and take a white box battery in it. Go to another room, there is a chess board with one color box, this is an indication that the value code
b | c | f
7 | 2 | 4
View downward seat and grab a white beam.

100 Escaper Explanation Level 7

100 Escapers Level 7 Walkthrough

100 escaper level 7 walkthrough next:
Go to the room and zoom in on the wall to enter the code in the can from the board earlier. Press the green frog and input into the battery box.

100 Escaper Level 7 walkthrough

100 Escapers Level 7 Explanation

Go to the room early and open the box and save the white beam to lock mold, then return to the earlier code box and press the green arrow, back again to lock the mold box, then grab the key. Towards the front of the room and enter the key to unlock the door.
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