Nov 22, 2012

Game 100 Doors 2013 Floor 11 to 20 Solution

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After finishing floors 1 through 10 in the game 100 doors 2013 it is time now we go on to level 11 to 20. The higher levels will certainly be more difficult to resolve, as a solution to beat this game you must also need help, and herein you will get the answer for an explanation challenge walkthrough this game is properly.

Game 100 Doors 2013  Level 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 Solution

Game 100 Doors 2013  Floor 11-20 Solution

Solutions play 100 doors 2013 level of 11
Counting the number of 90 degrees that existed at each form on the right door, starting form the top and down sequentially. After I calculate and produce the number 4, 2, 1, and 3.
So what should you do, press the button and then enter the number.

How to beat level 12
Tilt your phone to the left and grab the stone and use it to break the glass box to the left of the door, then touch all the numbers 7834.

Cheats level 13
Press and keep the ice on the floor next to the left, then fill water by pressing the tap on the right and touch <0

Answers to level 14
Shifting each arrow next to the door in the direction of the arrow. Press the left arrow and slide it up, press the right arrow and scroll down.

How to beat level 15
Touching the button on the side of the door, touch the button linked at the start of the left.
Touch the buttons on the left from top to bottom, following the lines, touch the buttons on the right from bottom to top, following the lines.

Cope with level 16
Whisk your phone so that something fell down and grab the key and use it to open the door.

Answer to level 17
Take canned food for the snakes on the shelf right next door, and then save it in a bowl on top of the door so that the snake will run out and you will see the number 7911, then press the button and then number.

How to beat level 18 Walkthrough
Press and slide down two white circle on the side of the door by using your two fingers simultaneously.

Solution to level 19
Moving the ball on the wall by following the instructions picture box on the floor, at the start of football left.

Solutions and explanations Level 20 on the game 100 Doors 2013 as follows:
You have to get 1368 points on the circle in the door, I get it touch the black arrow right and left when the green arrow to get to the numbers on purpose, quickly press the green button, and you continue to do until you get four points.
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