Dec 3, 2012

100 Fusumas Room 31-40 Explanation

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Now complete the 10 levels of the last 100 games Fusumas. Explanations and solutions, I will always share if the game is updated or if there are new games that I know of.

100 Fusumas room 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 Explanation

100 Fusumas room 31-40 Walkthrough

100 Fusumas room 31 Explanation
Take the stick above the fireplace and use it to light candles and wait until the ice melts at the door.

100 Fusumas room 32 Guide
Touch chicken on the floor to voiced and touch a chicken egg left of the door and put it into the basket, do this 3 times, until there are 3 in the basket of chicken eggs.

100 Fusumas room 33 Explanation

To open the door press box and input the number 640. Where the number 640 is it? Notice there are three flies, flies showed two numbers 8 and 1 flies showed the number 0, and the fans showed X. So 8 X 80 = 640

100 Fusumas room 34 Explanation
Rotate the phone to see in the red circle turns and wait until the green light is on and the door will open.

100 Fusumas room 35 Explanation
Eliminate three laser beams blocking the door. Turn your phone in the directions shown above the door and the lasers beams will turn off one by one.

100 Fusumas room 36 Explanation
At this level very easy to do, you just hit the door repeatedly until the bar at the top of the door full of yellow lights.

100 Fusumas room 37 Explanation
Pressing the by following the lights. Here is the sequence that I can:
Red Green Yellow Blue Green Red Yellow Blue Red Yellow Green Blue.

100 Fusumas room 38 Explanation
I think this level is very easy. Turn your phone upside down and hit the door.

100 Fusumas room 39 Solution
Instructions on the door it was clear, to shake the phone to lock down on the right and grab and use to open the safe box. Then grab the keycard and use the panel box.

100 Fusumas room 40 Explanation
Open the safe using a keycard, then grab the silver key in the safe box and slide the panel to make it look the lock and enter a brown key, and use the silver key on the box to open the door panel.
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