Dec 2, 2012

100 Fusumas Rooms 21-30 Walkthrough

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100 Fusumas Rooms 21 Walkthrough
In this room you change every high statue by hitting the statues several times. starting from the left: To the left of the statue of the first not on tap, the second statue press 5 times, press 3 times the third, fourth press 4 times, and the fifth press 1 times.

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100 Fusumas Rooms 21-30 Solution

100 Fusumas Rooms 22 Guide
Changing all the colors in a counterclockwise fashion box, both the horizontal and the vertical. Change the green box into the white and the white to green.

100 Fusumas Rooms 23 Walkthrough
Pressing the words "repeewsenim" in reverse, and change the number according to how much each bomb.

100 Fusumas Rooms 24 Walkthrough

Take the items to the right and use it to scrub under the fish to come out of smoke and the cat would appear to coincide with the opening of the door.

100 Fusumas Rooms 25 Walkthrough
Get the keycard from the cat in the door. When you see the cat, press it and it'll drop a keycard, take the key card and use the panel box.

100 Fusumas Rooms 26 Walkthrough
Turn your phone so that the letter can be read upside down and press the letter.

100 Fusumas Rooms 27 Walkthrough
With instructions on the wall, you have to calculate how many "0" on any number that is above the door. And after my countdown, get the value of 2501. Enter the code number 2501 in the box to the right of the door panel.

100 Fusumas Rooms 28 Walkthrough
Touch the green button on the left top of the door, then plug your phone into the wall using your charger and press the battery above the wall socket symbol and it'll light, and then press button and the door to open it.

100 Fusumas Rooms 29 Walkthrough
Enlarge sound mic on your cell phone so the green light all. At this level of fat that do not work, you try to get out and mic Volume boost greater.

100 Fusumas Rooms 30 Walkthrough
Changing the color of the stripes on the door with instructions image on the left door. See each color of the image and apply them to the lines on the door.
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