Dec 1, 2012

100 Fusumas Solution Rooms 11-20

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Did you have completed the game 100 fusumas level 1 to 10? If so, it's time to move on to room 11 to 20 and get a solution to the answer with me here.

100 Fusumas Solution Rooms 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 Solved

100 Fusumas Solution Rooms 11-20 Guide

100 Fusumas Solution Rooms 11
Detonates a bomb right at the front door by tilting the phone to the right until the bomb rolled toward the door and burst.

100 Fusumas Solution Rooms 12
Changing the color box at the top of the door, do: touch the blue and red buttons to the left of the door and then touch the yellow and blue buttons on the right door.

100 Fusumas Solution Rooms 13

Code numbers above the door is a clue to press 3 buttons to the right of the door. Assume the left number is the first button = 1, the middle button is the second = 2, and the right button is the third button = 3. So you just press the button corresponding to the number above.

100 Fusumas Solution Rooms 14
Changing the needle position timer at the same time. You must make both timers spin so both red hands land in the colored zone at the same time.

100 Fusumas Solution Rooms 15
Tilt your phone to the right until the pot right in front and parallel to the door and tilt the phone in the direction you and revert again to the pot rammed and destroyed the door to get out.

100 Fusumas Solution Rooms 16
Touch and slide on every door in the opposite. Scroll to the right to the left door and slide to the left to the right door to door disappears and you get away from this room.

100 Fusumas Solution Rooms 17
At this level I think it is quite easy and you certainly can do it yourself. Just push the dog several times to open the door to go out alone.

100 Fusumas Solution Rooms 18
Grab and keep the sword in the inventory menu, and use it to open the door by way scraping blade to the door.

100 Fusumas Solution Rooms 19
At this level almost equal to the level of 18 to use a sword to open the door. This time you need to point the sword in the middle of door to open it, swiping your finger on the door will cut it and you can open it to proceed to the next room.

100 Fusumas Solution Rooms 20
Tilting the phone while touching each door. Tilt the phone to the left and touch the left door, then tilt the phone to the right and touch right next door to the exit of the open space.
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