Dec 1, 2012

100 Gates Answers Level 37 38

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100 Gates Level 37 38 Answers

100 Gates Level 37 Answers

This is the answer to beat level 37 on 100 gates
You should be able to change the three red laser shone into the white button simultaneously. Touch the red laser right to start moving and then shake your phone to move the red laser on the left and, when the laser touches the three buttons simultaneously, press right in the middle of the circle.

100 Gates Level 37 38 Answer

100 Gates Level 38 Answer

For answers 100 gates level 38
Change the four-circle symbol of the dragon wall, the floor is the drawing as a guide to beat this level. Touch the upper left circle 6 times, 7 times the upper right, lower left 4 times, and the bottom right 2 times, wait until the circle disappears and the key symbol of the dragon will appear in the left pane, grab the key and use it to split the two doors.
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