Dec 29, 2012

Doors & Rooms Level 4-4 and 4-5 Claustrophobia

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Doors & Rooms Chapter 4 Level 4 Claustrophobia
Look at each wall of the left, right, top, and bottom are the numbers 8421. If you press square on the top it will display the number 0101, left in 1000, next to under 0100, 0011 and right. Use Binary Coded Decimal system for each number, and will receive an answer in 8534 to enter into the panel box.

Doors & Rooms Level 4-4 and 4-5 Walkthrough

Doors & Rooms Level 4-4 and 4-5

Doors and Rooms Level 4-5
Press and take lighters on the table, take the doll on the floor, grab a wrench under the table, and grab a bottle on the floor. Now in the inventory menu press the matches to light the candle on the table, then dismantle doll up into 6 parts, dismantle the arms and body to get cotton and gems.

Combine cotton with a bottle, use a wrench to take the pipe on the left wall and cover with cotton leaky pipes. Then take the pipe in inventory menu and use it to cover the candle and save the jewel in the pipe so that the light shone into the ceiling and you will see the number 389 465.

Doors & Rooms Level 4-5 Walkthrough

Then press the abacus to the left of the door, make the 389 465 number with an abacus to open the door.
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