Dec 19, 2012

Game 100 Chimneys Level 1-10

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Game 100 Chimneys Level 1
To open the door at level 1, you have to pick up the key by pressing the box

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Game Chimneys Solotion Level 1-10

Game Chimneys Level 2
Move all the gift boxes on the floor next to the left to the right and touch the door to open.

100 Chimneys Solution Level 3

Pressing the square box with the correct color, there are instructions on the number 0123 = 2013 years now end, touch the following order: green, blue, red, and yellow.

100 Chimneys Level 4
Remove the large bell on the screen by shaking your phone and touch the door to open.

Game Chimneys Level 5
Many balloon blocking the door, touch all the balloons in order to get out and hit the door

100 Chimneys Solution Level 6
Shake your phone until all the trimmings at the door vanished.

Game 100 Chimneys Solution Level 7

How many colored balls on the Christmas tree left and right? There are 5 balls left and right there are 9 balls, and change the two numbers 0 to 59 on the door.

Game Chimneys Level 8
Pressing the corresponding colored box with the word 'SANTA. "So you have to touch the yellow, blue, red, green, and blue.

Game Chimneys Level 9
Replace all the numbers "0" to the number 363 543 according to the quantity of goods available and start at the top left.

100 Chimneys Solution Level 10
Press each circle of the same color until all is lost, and then push the door to open.
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