Dec 20, 2012

Game 100 Chimneys Level 11-20

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Game 100 Chimneys Level 11
Take the hammer down under the wall, and use it to solve the white walls right next door. Then grab the key and use the robot and press the button until the robot goes to the right and step on the red button on the floor, push the door to open.

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Game 100 Chimneys Level 11-20 Solution

100 Chimneys Solution Level 12
Take a hammer in the inventory menu and use it to solve all the circles are the proper order. Here's the correct order: green, purple, pink, orange, white, red, blue, light green, yellow.

Solution Chimneys Level 13
Touch all the forms at the door by following the order form at the bottom of the door.

Game 100 Chimneys Level 14

Find a piece of railroad tracks that surround the room. At the top of the right sock, left sock left on the painting, in the Christmas tree, and below on the left pillar. Then save and connect the rail on the floor and sure the red button and push the door to open.

100 Chimneys Solution Level 15
Touch and open the big box is grayed out, then take the ax in it and use the ax to hit a brick wall to pieces.

100 Chimneys Solution Level 16
Touch and grab the box of matches on the floor, then take the ax from the inventory and use it to cut down a tree and take a pile of wood and keep it in front of a snowman. Then take matches from the inventories and fuel wood pile earlier. Hats off to the snowmen and grab the key, and use it to open the door.

100 Chimneys Solution Level 17
Take a carrot on a bench, a scarf in front of the door, and down the left branch and save the snowman with a hat.

Game Chimneys Level 18 Solution
Take a bowling ball on the floor and fireworks on the right, and then save the cannon and lit with a match up against the brick shot to pieces.

Game 100 Chimneys Solution Level 19
Take a fallen star by moving brown block to the left and to the right until the bar in front of the tree filled to the top.
Solution 100 Chimneys Level 20
Move the pieces number dots on the right and left of the door into the square box in the bottom of the door to form the numbers 2013.
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