Dec 15, 2012

Game 100 Christmas Gifts level 11 to 20

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Game 100 Christmas Gifts level 11 Solution
Swipe all the stars to the left, right, down, and up until the stars move, starting from the bottom left. For more details, see the picture.

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Game Christmas Gifts level 11 to 20

100 Christmas Gifts Answers level 12
Movement of the puppets by shaking the phone, then touch snow a few times until the puppets disappear, and the prizes will come.

Game Christmas Gifts level 13 Explanation
Guide in painting Santa clause is giving color to the wooden doll. Correct painting by touching parts of the images to the right.

100 Christmas Gifts Beat level 14
Move 5 gift box at the bottom left of the sled in the correct order. As a guide there at 5 in the colored lights, ranging from yellow left.

100 Christmas Gifts Cheat level 15
Tilt the phone to the right until bookshelves disappear, and move the cap down to the box door. As a guide to see the order of hats on the tree.

100 Christmas Gifts hint level 16
Touch and move nutcracker blocking the way, then press the star on the left to move to the top of the Christmas tree, and Santa comes bearing gifts.

100 Christmas Gifts Walkthrough level 17
Arrange pieces in the bottom and place the dolls on the door. User is on five points. Starting from the head, left hand, right hand, left foot and right foot.

100 Christmas Gifts Explanation level 18
Tilt the phone until there is an arrow pointing to the top, then press the blue button. You'll need to flip your phone in different ways to make each one face up.

100 Christmas Gifts Answer level 19
Calculate the number of stars that exist in each circle. Then tap the clock until the clock shows the number corresponding to each number of stars, then save the star on the numbers according to the number of stars.

100 Christmas Gifts level 20 Solution
Count each round in each object, and then save that number. Each object produces round as follows: Bells 6 rounds, Snowman 9 rounds, Sleigh 6 rounds, and Santa hat 8 rounds.
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