Dec 31, 2012

Game Doors & Rooms Level 4-6

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Game Doors and Rooms Claustrophobia Level 4-6 Walkthrough
Press the white dot on the bottom right, then to the inventory menu to retrieve and use the matches to light the candle on the left wall.
Take a small piece of wood and 5 other items attached to the board.
Look to the ceiling to get a hint of the star image, and see the points on the circle on the wall.

Doors & Rooms Level 4-6 Walkthrough

Doors & Rooms Level 4-6

Now go to inventory menu, press the red bottle and save it in the upper point in the circle, the yellow bottle save on the bottom, green bottle save on the left in red, blue box save to the right in red, purple bottle save next to left yellow, so that it becomes a star shape.

Game Doors and Rooms Guide

Take the pliers in the inventory menu, use on mouth of the person sprawled on the right to pick up goods. Take a sheet of paper in the typewriter at the top left.
Then see the writing on the paper "H PH PH PH P. .." and the writing on wood "SOS"
Now heading to the padlock and enter the number 851216.
Now continue to the Level 4-7 Doors and Rooms Solution

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