Dec 18, 2012

Google Maps for iOS

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The presence of Google Maps in iOS again got very good response from the users. Many are predicting this Google service will again become hits, even though it was still not known exactly how many downloaded applications.

Apps Google Maps for iOS

Google Maps for iOS

Recently Senior Vice President of Commerce and Local Google, Jeff Huber bring good news through Google+ profile to announce the Google Maps app for iOS has surpassed 10 million downloads in less than 48 hours after its release.

Jeff Huber wrote in his Google+ account updates, "We are very excited about the positive reception of Google Maps for the iPhone worldwide. Congratulations to the team Maps for recognition of the spirit and the hard work they pour over the last 7 years. "

It seems interesting enough to look after millions of iOS users to download Google Maps, how many of them are moving into the Maps app Apple "Apple Junk" folder. What about your own, this has been tried?

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