Dec 21, 2012

Solution Doors & Rooms Level 3-1 to 3-2

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Solution Doors & Rooms Level 3-1
Open the box and take the cans on the floor beside the ambulance, look to the plate and then clean the dirt ambulance with cleaning dishes, you will see the number 5728.

Game Doors & Rooms Level 3-1 to 3-2 Solution

Doors & Rooms Solution Level 3-1 to 3-2

Then press the back door and enter the number 5728 to open the door, then take a crowbar and use it to open the front door, look inside and press the button to start the engine. Now look at the back of the ambulance light yellow, green, red, and blue light, and then press 4 square colored buttons to the left of the door, from left and push the door to open.

Doors and Rooms Level 3-2 Solution

Take the CD on the shelf box on the right, then to the inventory menu and open the CD. Then input the CD on the computer to look for passwords and looks C4 + A3 + B1-E3 and F2. Then refer to the rack using a password. C4 = 1221, A3 = 1983, B1 = 2485. E3 = 2012. Then add 1221 +1983 +2485-2012 = 3677, and refer to the shelf F2, then enter the number 3677 and get the key to unlock the door.
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