Dec 23, 2012

Solution Doors & Rooms Level 3-3 to 3-4

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Doors & Rooms Level 3-3 Solution
Open the left drawer and take the ID card and note 4 last numbers on the ID card (1485). Then enter the number 1485 in the case on the table. Open the patient's chart and note. Now take the USB flash drive in the case, and use the USB flash drive on the projector on the desk and look at the projection.

Solution Game Doors & Rooms Level 3-3 to 3-4

Game Doors & Rooms Level 3-3 to 3-4 Solution

Then press the large panel in between the door and the projection and using the patient chart and projection, press the spaces to spell out the four words. Observe the thing from the safe and you'll see the word shadow and use the item and place it on the podium in the square spot, then look at the shadow on the right side and from the white blank spaces you can see 5 vertical numbers: 31371. Then press the square panel right next door and enter the numbers 31 371 to open the door.

Doors & Rooms Level 3-4 Solution

Take the left stick on the floor and chalk on the seat, then touch the pool table pocket closest to the vending machine for another chalk. Then take a stick on the pool table and chalk on the floor next to the right, and hit the trash to take out the paper.

Open the microwave and grab the chalk, then look into the inventory menu and combine 2 sticks and see the numbers on paper. Use a stick to the roof over the engine to get the coins, grab the coins in the slot machines automated and input to get a drink cans, and see the number of dots and color in canned beverages (red = 5, 4 = purple, blue = 3, orange = 2, white = 1).

Still in solution Doors and Rooms Level 3-4
Now look into the inventory menu and combine five colors of chalk to that in the paper (Red = 5B, purple = 4C, blue = 3E, orange = 2A, white = 1D).
Now look at the color on the TV and and match the color of the numbers on the sheet (Column 1 = teal = 4, Column 2 = yellow = 3, Column 3 = red = 1, Column 4 = green = 5, and Column 5 = pink = 8) .
So the code in the can is 43 158, then enter the square Panel left of the door.
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