Dec 26, 2012

Solution Doors & Rooms Level 3-6

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Doors & Rooms Level 3-6 Silent Hospital
Take the chains that depend on an iron bar in the corner, and slide a pillow behind the laptop to the left and grab a piece of paper. Open the drawer to take out a knife, the fabric on the mattress, and the rope from under / under the mattress and took the bottle on the floor.

Doors & Rooms Level 3-6 Solution

Doors & Rooms Chapter 3 Level 6

Doors & Rooms Silent Hospital Level 3-6

Now use and keep the chain on the left curtain, then press the laptop and typed letters PLEDGE, note the symbol that appears and is at what number? (9660)
Open the menu and then combine fabric with a bottle and save in a red house in the painting is on the wall, then use the knife on the red house on the painting and enter the number 9660, then grab the key.

Doors & Rooms Level 3-6 Guide

Use the right key in the middle of the window and press the left pane, then grab the rope and tie the heater to the left of the window.
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Apple Benedicto said...

what is the right key for the window .. i already used everything but its not working .. :/

denis mustofa said...

@Apple Benedicto....
Use the key to open the window
See the image above