Dec 27, 2012

Solution Doors & Rooms Level 3-7

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Doors & Rooms Level 3-7 Solution
Open 3 drawers and grab stuff in it, open the box in the corner of the table and take a sample of blood in it, open the 2 door cupboard on the table and take 2 small bottles, go to the shelf and grab the left piece of paper stuck between 2 bottles of black.

Game Doors & Rooms Level 3-7 Solution

Doors and Rooms Level 3-7 Solution

Now open the inventory menu, press the lens, the part of the microscope, and samples of blood and save 3 items one by one on a microscope, and you will see the names of the owner of a blood sample, see the numbers on a piece of paper that will be used to match and solve the problem.

Doors and Rooms Silent Hospital Level 3-7

Then take blood chart on the table and took three bottles in inventory menu and drops of blood on the chart. Then look at the chart on the wall left of the door, then skewer each blood type with any name and number were found from the microscope. A (Ruly) = 9, B (Miro) = 7, AB (Sila) = 6, RH O (Uj) = 6, O (Max) = 5, RH A (Aska) = 9

Now toward to the door and sign keypad, then enter the number corresponding to the instructions above code keypad, the numbers 6 9 7 9 5 6.
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