Dec 13, 2012

Trick Solution Game Christmas Gifts

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This guide on 100 Christmas Gift cheats will help you on how to win, beat, and complete the level. Solution, walkthrough, cheat, clues, tips, and hints for Android 100 Christmas Gift answer walkthrough is displayed here.

Trick Solution Game Christmas Gifts

Trick Solution Game Christmas Gifts

100 Christmas Gifts Solution Level 1
For the first level just hit the door, Santa will appear and press box gift.

100 Christmas Gifts Answers Level 2
Touch the presents under the tree and slide the star to the top of the tree and santa will come bearing gifts.

100 Christmas Gifts Explanation Level 3
Slide 2 pillows on the chair to the right, then open the box seat and grab the keys to open the door, Santa clause appeared bearing gifts.

100 Christmas Gifts Beat Level 4
Move 4 sticks on the floor socks, according to the color.

100 Christmas Gifts Win Level 5
Touch the carpet on the floor to get directions, shake the phone to the left and to the right to open the blinds and hit the window to get the prize.

100 Christmas Gifts Walkthrough Level 6
Touch the bird several times until he left, and appears on the clock, a window will open.

100 Christmas Gifts Cheats Level 7
Tilt the phone to the right so that the book shifts to the right, then grab and use matches to light candles.

100 Christmas Gifts Hint Level 8
To extinguish a fire in the fireplace shake your phone, and press the pot black.

100 Christmas Gifts Answers Level 9
Touch gift and decoration will appear below 5 and then move to the tree, as the tree on the table.

100 Christmas Gifts Solutions Level 10
Touch the gift box on the floor, and touch objects on a shelf in the following order: Stockings, Santa clause, Christmas tree, Snow globe, Candy cane, Bells, Mistletoe, Star, and Candles.
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