Jan 24, 2013

100 Doors 2014 Level 43 44

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100 Doors 2014 Level 43 Guide
Find the sum of numbers on the letter "NLSO" that was at below door, and you get a hint of the objects that surround the room.
The letter N in the form of a book on the door (3).
The letter L in the hour show at 2 (2).
The letter S in the painting right next door (3).
The letter O is on the carpet with 4 circles (4).
Now press box panel and input the numbers 3234.

Game 100 Doors 2014 Level 43 44 Guide

100 Doors 2014 Level 43 44 Answers

100 Doors 2014 Level 44 Guide

View thread color on a painting right next door, this is the first clue for you.
Now shake the phone so that the flower pot fell off the shelf. Then look at the color of each Roman numeral, and the input numbers are based on the order of colors in the painting.
Green = 6 (VI), Red = 4 (IV), Brown = 9 (IX), Blue = 3 (III)
Press the panel to the left of the door and enter the number 6493.
Now continue to the Level 45 46 47 100 Doors 2014 Solution

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