Jan 14, 2013

100 Missions Las Vegas Level 15

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100 Missions Las Vegas Level 15
Look to the left corner, tap the pan and grab, then press the clock on the right and grab the battery in the clock.
Then to the right room. Take a wrench in the table. Open the refrigerator door and grab the bottom of fried potatoes.

Game 100 Missions Las Vegas Mission 15 Walkthrough

100 Missions Las Vegas Mission 15

Then enter the door open to get to the bedroom. Take the candle on the table between the two beds, press the record books on the table to pick up a piece of paper that says the number 178. Then press the brown fabric on the bed to open a suitcase with a code number 178, then take the ink inside the suitcase.

100 Missions Las Vegas Level 15

Then headed to the bathroom, grab a bottle of whiskey on the shelf and grab the wax on the table left, go to the left to go to the toilet room, grab a wrench in inventory menu and use the gas control valve is red.

Now go back to the beginning of the second room. Take the gas control valve in your inventory menu, and save on the pipeline right of the table. Then into the kitchen, gas stove and stacking press 4 color accurately on a gas stove, blue = top left, red = upper right, yellow = bottom left, green = right bottom.

Then save the pan on the stove, keep fried potatoes to the pan, and keep it in a pot until the whiskey will remove smoke, then close the extractor on the stove. Go to the right into a guard and use a bottle of whiskey to hit a guard. Back to the kitchen to open the extractor on the stove.

100 Missions Las Vegas Level 15
Take a plastic card from the guard and use it to open the door, then press the painting on the wall to the left to take a notebook. Look to the left of the table and save the battery on the telephone, then press telephone to get the message "Today we'll begin a first phase of the Trojan Horse project"
Go outside, follow the path left guard.
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