Jan 5, 2013

Air Patriots Game Review

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Air Patriots is a game that changes the Tower Defense genre by bringing the existing units. This game asks you to create a route for a variety of jet aircraft patrol provided. Air Patriots play on your Android device into an activity that is fun and makes you addicted to play on!

Air Patriots Review

Air Patriots Review

Different types of aircraft and weapons were created for use at different levels. using aircraft as much as possible into the grid play is not always productive, enabling developers to the aircraft colliding with each other, which means that the flight plan may interfere unintentionally by your own plane.

Air Patriots Game

The aircraft are there to prevent enemy tanks to get from point A to B. The squadron is made up of different aircraft capable of level creation. There are two ways to take the tank, as expected, different tanks have different values​​.

You should be able to carve out a flight path with your finger, and you're done shooting the plane when in range. When the bar life in the tank completely drained, the tank was destroyed. Sometimes, the tanks were destroyed or disappeared leaving parts for a while that you have claimed quickly by pressing, the part can be used for your own equipment.
If you are interested in playing Air Patriots, the game is available in Google Play Store.

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