Jan 2, 2013

Doors & Rooms Level 4-8

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Doors & Rooms claustrophobia Level 4-8
Take a pen on the table and open the drawer to take the screwdriver tip. Then the inventory menu, loading pens. Then combine pen and a screwdriver.
Then use a screwdriver to open the lid of the box in the upper right, then pull the lever down to turn off the lights.

Doors & Rooms Level 4-8 Claustrophobia

Game Doors and Rooms Level 4-8

Doors and Rooms Level 4-8 Answers

Now grab the key in the water is blue, then use the key to open the box to the right of the desk, grab the duct tape and a note in it.
Use duct tape to wrap the chipped blue wire, pull the lever up in the electrical box.
Tap the button to the left of the door and enter the number 9273.
Now continue to the Level 4-9 on Doors and Rooms Solution.

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