Jan 3, 2013

Doors & Rooms Level 4-9

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Game Doors & Rooms Claustrophobia Level 4-9
Take a painting in the hands of skeleton, and then note the words "A New Sense of Lady" means N = north, E = east, S = south, W = west.
Now look at four paintings girl, and count each jewel on the necklace.

Game Doors & Rooms Level 4-9 Walkthrough

Doors & Rooms Level 4-9 Claustrophobia

The amount of each gem is: North N = 7, East E = 5, South S = 4, West W = 9.
The writing on picture is "NEWSENSE" = 75945745
Well .... now hit a bomb on the floor and enter the number 75945745, and then press the arrow. Then press the door to open.
Now continue to the Level 4-10 on Doors and Rooms Solution

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