Jan 7, 2013

Doors & Rooms Level 5-1

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Game Doors & Rooms Kingdom Level 5-1 Guide
Open the drawer and grab the handle of the faucet. Take the sword and mace in the corner right next door. Take the lock on the crate. Use the handle of the faucet in the barrel, and then press the tap. Take the Ballerina Dancer white on large jars.

Doors & Rooms Kingdom Chapter 5 Level 1

Doors & Rooms Kingdom Level 5-1

Use the clover key to open the box on the table and save Dancer Ballerina on it and grab the key in the small drawers.
Use the sword to unlock the rope on the carpet, then take a piece of paper fell to the floor. Note the writing on the paper as a guide to press piano. Use the key to open the piano and piano tones press C - A - F - E - A, then grab a ring on the piano.

Doors & Rooms Level 5-1 Guide

Now use a sword to open a board on the floor, and take the wood. Then use a mace to smash the crate on the right seat, and grab the ax. Combine wood with an ax, and use it to open a board that is in the door.

Now save the ring at the opening door, and change / exchange direction arrows blue arrows with color brown.
Press: 1st Blue – 3rd Brown – 2nd Brown – 1st Blue – 2nd Blue
3rd Blue – 3rd Brown – 2nd Brown – 1st Brown – 1st Blue
2nd Blue – 3rd Blue – 2nd Brown – 1st Brown – 3rd Blue
and touch the door to open.
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