Jan 8, 2013

Doors & Rooms Solution Chapter 5 Level 2

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Game Doors & Rooms Level 5-2 The Kingdom
Grab a bottle and a knife on the table, then to the right to pick up the glass, bottle opener, and a plate, and then to the right corner of the left to take the helm and mace.

Game Doors & Rooms Solution Chapter 5 Level 2 Kingdom

Doors & Rooms Level 5-2 Solution

Then combine the bottle with a bottle opener to get a bottle caps. Use the mace to smash the vase on the left, then take the land use helmets, helmet and input into the fireplace on the left to put out the fire.

Doors & Rooms Level 5-2 Solution

Use a knife to cut the chicken on the table, then take a piece of paper in it. Note the figures in the paper, under glass, on a plate, in bottle opener, and a fireplace.
Then press the wooden box on the mantel and input the numbers 3795 to open it and take a pendant.

Click to see a larger door, and keep the pendant in the door, then change the position 5 red gem in the middle of the blue gem, pressing each small circle: Top Right, Top Left, Top Left. Top Right, Bottom Right 4 times, Top Right 5 times. Top Left 6 times, Bottom Left 5 times), Top Right 4 times
then push the door to open.
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