Jan 25, 2013

Game Curse Breakers Horror Mansion Guide

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Curse Breakers Horror Mansion Guide
Started to get into the house, the door left, press the switch to turn on the lights, then take the spade out of the room.
Go to the right room ketch press box above the fireplace, it will appear a puzzle question, you just hit "yes", and grab the key.
Take the candle on the table and out of this room.

Solution Game Curse Breakers Horror Mansion Guide

Game Curse Breakers Horror Mansion Guide

Take a flower pot on a table near the calendar, then exit through the door on the right hours old. Press the left door to enter the warehouse, then pick firewood, stairs and a teddy bear.
View the cupboard door and use the key to open, then take a crowbar and left the room.

Game Curse Breakers Horror Mansion Guide

Go to the graveyard, use the spade to dig right in front of the tombstone, press the coffin and use a crowbar to open, take the necklace on the neck of the skull and grab a match, then to the right to take teddy bears near the people lying.

Head back to the dining room. Keep firewood in the fireplace and use matches to light the fire and save the flower pot in the fireplace until the fire goes out and get the code number 3924.
Go to the closet and open square bag with input numbers 3924, then grab the gold bullion. Exit this room to get to the room early.

Save the candles in a pumpkin on the table, then turn with a match, then hit the switch to turn off the lights. See the shadows on the wall and use the pumpkin crowbar to smash the wall, take three teddy bears.

Going into the bedroom through the dining room, 3 store teddy bear on the bed, open the drawers near the window and grab a birthday card, note the number the date, month and year. Get out of bed and headed for the calendar.

Open the calendar month of February, and then press the number 6 and 23 for the blue box to the red box, it will open the drawer below the calendar, then grab the key. Then go to the first entry.

Answers Game Curse Breakers Horror Mansion Guide

Game Curse Breakers Horror Mansion Guide

Save the stairs and open the wall and into the ceiling. Use the key to open the chest under the table and grab a flashlight and a piece of paper on the table.
Go to the dining room and the door left, use a flashlight to light, take the lights and ax in a wooden box. Go to the bathroom.

Press the door left of the stairs, use the ax to hit zombies. Press the left side of the tub faucet to take a blue framed mirror and then to sink, tap tap and look into the mirror to get the number 1514.

Go to the bedroom. Open the jewelry box on the table by entering the number 1514, then grab the gold. Go to the ceiling, refer to the wall next to the table, use a blue framed mirror on the nails in the wall to get the number 1977.

Going out to the cemetery, see tombstone that reads left figure .... -1996. Then enter the number 1977 in 4 black points and grab the vinyl record.
Then look at the green scales on the grave. Save the necklaces, gold jewelry, and gold bullion on the scales, and the gem will appear, just take it.

Go to the dining room, store vinyl records on the gramophone, then press the handle on the the gramophone for sounding instrument. go to the ceiling and then look at the musical instruments and the press in this order: guitars, tambourines, horns, violin, harp, guitar. Take the red gem, then go down and take the stairs.

Hints Game Curse Breakers Horror Mansion Guide

Game Curse Breakers Horror Mansion Guide

Go to the barn near the cemetery, keep the lights on top of the ceiling, and then refer to the electrical box to the left of the closet. Connect the yellow, blue, red on the fuse box, see the paper in inventory menu to see the code of instructions (1-3, 2-2, 3-4), and on the left pull the lever down.
Then save the stairs near the lights, then take the blue gem.

Curse Breakers Horror Mansion Solution
Then go to the room with the calendar. press circle on the table under the painting. Put any gems on an empty hole in the circle corresponding to the color of the circle. Then press circle to rotate and align all color gems, if done correctly, press the middle of the circle to win the game.

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