Feb 4, 2013

100 Doors of Revenge Level 13 14 15

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Level 13 on 100 Doors of Revenge
Make the letters KEY on the door with a key symbol box.
Sliding the lock symbol and star to the right by pressing each arrow left.

100 Doors of Revenge Level 13 14 15 Guide

100 Doors of Revenge Level 13 14 15

Level 14 on Game 100 Doors of Revenge Guide
Touch the hammer and grab, then use the cracked wall to the right of the hole and the sun shone into the snake until awakened.
Take a archery bow under the wall holes and use to repel snakes, and the door will open.

Level 13 on Answers 100 Doors of Revenge

Shake the phone to drop the box in the right corner, then grab the box and take the box (C4), and grab cables above the door.
Now place the box (C4) at the bottom of the door, and then the cable in the middle of the floor, and the box near the screen. Then touch the box until the door opens.
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