Feb 9, 2013

100 Doors Parallel Worlds Level 29 30 31

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Level 29 of 100 Doors Parallel Worlds Solution
You can find instructions at points in the lower left.
There are four torches on the walls of the right and left.
For the first torch on the left, you turn on the torch and extinguish, following pressing torch: 2 times the upper left, lower left, lower right, upper left, upper right, so all the torches lit.

100 Doors Parallel Worlds Level 29 30 31

Level 30 on Game 100 Doors Parallel Worlds Guide
Click the pot on the floor right then save it in the burning left of the door, then grab the yellow metal and in combustion, and press the fire button at the bottom of the combustion. Then take the pot and keep it in molds key on the floor.
Click on the key and use it to open the door.

Level 31 in 100 Doors Parallel Worlds Answers

Pull the white button to the right of the door in the number 876, in accordance with hints on the number above the door: (1) x 3 + 3 = (6) x 4 + 4 = (28) x 5 + 5 = (145) x 6 + 6 = 876
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