Mar 7, 2013

100 Crypts Level 48 49 50 Solution

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100 Crypts Level 48 Solution
Calculate each spider drops down several times, then press each white box below based on the number of spiders down.
Press the white box at the bottom starting from the left: 3 times, 4 times, 5 times, 2 times, and the door will open.

100 Crypts Level 48 49 50 Walkthrough-

100 Crypts Level 48 49 50 Cheats

Game 100 Crypts Level 49 Guide
Tilt your phone to the right so that a large vase shifted to the right.
Pull each piece of sculpture and arrange to form properly.
You can see the order of the numbers in a large vase.
Answer: 0 = head, 1 = body, 2 = left hand, right hand = 3, 4 = left foot, right foot. If the pieces of the statue were placed correctly, the statue will disappear and the door opened.

100 Crypts Level 50 Beat

Press the green button to the left of the door, if the green bottle on the top of the door is in the green area, you have to do this 4 times.
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