Mar 8, 2013

100 Crypts Level 55 56 57 58 Answers

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100 Crypts Level 55 Answers
Note the small circle on the white tile on the floor right.
Now press any red box on the door so that change color to black and white, like a chessboard / color tiles on the floor.

100 Crypts Level 55 56 57 58 Cheats

100 Crypts Level 55 56 57 58 Beat

Game 100 Crypts Level 56 Guide
Shake the phone so that it appears the order of objects on a white circle in the upper left, a guitar, a crown, a flashlight, paint, dragon, hours.
Now tap any object in the door based on the sequence of objects that appear in a white circle.
Answer: Violin, Horse chess, light bulbs, paint pallet, sun, hourglass.
If done correctly all the objects will disappear and the door will open.

100 Crypts Level 57 Solution

Note the rounds every musical notes, then press 4 instrument / blue circles correspond to the number of rounds of musical notes.
Trumpet = 9
Gramophone = 8
Violin = 4
Harp = 6

100 Crypts Level 58 Walkthrough
Changing the direction of the white part of the circle on the right and left door.
Press each circle a few times so that the white leading to black in the door.
Circle left from the top:
The second circle press 7 times
The third circle press 7 times
The fourth circle press 6 times
Right circle from below:
The fourth circle press 3 times
The third circle press 3 times
The second circle press 3 times
Circle the first press 2 times
Now continue to the Level 59 60 on 100 Crypts Guide

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