Apr 6, 2013

100 Floors Escape Level 20 21 22 23

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Answers to 100 Floors Escape Level 20
Change the color of each box on the left and right of the door in accordance with the existing color on the door.
Sliding door to the right, then press any boxes left, so the color will change like the color on the side of the box.
Sliding door to the left, then press each box to the right, so that the color change like colors on the side of the box.

100 Floors Escape Level 20 21 22 23 Cheats

100 Floors Escape Level 20 21 22 23 Hint

Level 21 on Game 100 Floors Escape Guide
Press triangle on the door and press the square and the circle on the floor.
You can see the instructions on the door.
Press the following sequence:
Square, Circle, Triangle top, Triangle bottom, Circle, Square.

Level 22 on 100 Floors Escape Solution

Pressing any switch in the door that turned out to be on or off.
Red circle = Off
Green circle = On
T = On
1 = On
0 = Off
Left = Off, On, Off, Off
Right = On, On, On, On

Level 23 on 100 Floors Escape Walkthrough
Take the screw and screwdriver on the floor, and place the screw in the hole on the right side. Use a screwdriver to tighten the screw.
Then press the red button, so it turns green and the door will open.
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