Apr 4, 2013

100 Floors Escape Level 24 25 26 27

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Solution to 100 Floors Escape Level 24
Note the 6 landmarks on the floor and 6 flags on the wall.
In a country where every landmark located?
Slide each landmark on the appropriate flag.
Top left: Taj Mahal = India
middle left: Statue of Liberty = USA
Bottom Left: Big Ben = UK
Middle right: Eiffel Tower = France
Top right: Colosseum = Italy
Bottom right: Pyramid = Egypt

100 Floors Escape Level 24 25 26 27 Cheats

100 Floors Escape Level 24 25 26 27 Solution

Level 25 on Game 100 Floors Escape Guide
Press several times each shape in the door so to change and have the same shape on the wall.
See the picture above, the position of the correct form.

Level 26 on 100 Floors Escape Answers

Note any form of objects on the right and left of the door, and then count how many pieces on each form object.
Now replace all numbers 0 in the door, according to the number of pieces of shapes.
Left, top to bottom: 8 2 4 4
Right, top to bottom: 3 4 8 4
And the door will open.

Level 27 on 100 Floors Escape Walkthrough
Turn your phone upside down so that the strap hook to the bottom touches the ball.
Now return to your normal phone to pull the ball to the top.
Press ball / key and use it to open the door.
Now continue to the 100 Floors Escape Level 28 29 30 31 Solution

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